Pilot for SWR Innovation Lab

2021 — Toronto

Professional Project

Humanistic x Smart Waterloo Region Innovation Lab

Tools: Figma, FigJam, Procreate


The Innovation Lab approached Humanistic with an experimental idea — creating a digital identity card for the youth and associations of Waterloo region based on blockchain technology. This digital identity card would allow youth to create their own avatars, sign up for events, take surveys, and have transparency over their data.

Associations would also able to create their own avatars, create events, create surveys, and look at the region’s data. The innovation lab had a few associations agree to participate in the testing of this idea and wanted to have a few screens, to pitch their idea to regional authorities as well as stakeholders for future partnerships. There were a lot of missing parts in this project, including defined experiences and use cases, actual content that needed to be on screens, and even the name of the project and branding. For the avatars, we have used Nouns as they wanted to write a proposal about this project to nouns.wtf to get funding.

My contribution

  • Turn concepts or ideas into realistic products and services that address project objectives and create stakeholder value.
  • Create flow maps, journey maps, low-fidelity wireframes, a design system, and mid-fidelity wireframes.

They were very pleased with the outcome, as the mid-fidelity wireframes and maps that I have delivered helped them refine this idea and gave them a direction on how to implement it in the real world.

Flow maps

Flow maps are used to litterally map the flow of an entire experience specifically from a single user’s point of view. This step uncovered that there were many unresolved questions about this project in a systematic sense which helped the lab to see things they have not considered previously.

Rough journey maps

Low-fidelity wireframe examples

The design system

Mid-fidelity screens — Target user : Youth

Mobile layouts— Youth

Tablet layouts — Youth

Desktop layouts — Youth

App map — Youth

Mid-fidelity screens — Target user : Associations

Mobile layouts — Associations

Tablet layouts — Associations

Desktop layouts — Associations

App map — Association


Designing the user experience and screens with so many missing aspects was definitely a challenge. In the end, it was rewarding to be able to help the client by transforming their abstract ideas into tangible screens and exploring how their ideas could potentially be implemented in the real world. I have learned a lot of new processes through this project such as making flow and app maps, however, I still have much to learn about executing a polished visual language.