NAO Robot Dance

2015 — Toronto

Professional Project

Blue Rhino Design Inc.

I have collaborated with Steve Karpik, (the programmer, the president and co-founder of Blue Rhino Design) and utilized my dance background to create a synchronized choreography for three humanoid NAO robots. I have spent a lot of time with Steve and the robots in order to understand the technical and physical limitations of the robots, such as their center of gravity. It was definitely a rewarding challenge to develop a choreography that unified these complexities and artistic expression. The highlight of the project was the solo I have choreographed for the center robot!

The dance was showcased at an exhibition at a children’s discovery centre in Guangzhou, China, and it was very well received by families attending the center.

When arts, design, and technology meet, there are endless possibilities to create radical, innovative, and engaging experiences. I am drawn to these intersections naturally and am fascinated to collaborate with people from different disciplines. This collaboration allows me to co-create new forms of communication and understanding.

NAO robots dancing at Octopus Park